head shot jane 1

I’m Jane. I’m a feminist philosopher, feminist writer and occasional feminist activist. You may notice a theme.

When possible, I live in the hut at the end of the garden.



  1. I fucking love you on Twitter. I’m so grateful to you. If I had one ounce of your sass, articulacy and well informed-ness (and didn’t work in local government) perhaps I’d have the balls to speak out too. As it is, I’m ashamed to say I daren’t even follow you or any of the other amazing women on Twitter fighting this cause on all our behalves, but at least once a day I trawl through your tweets, find out what’s the latest in this bloody shitshow, and give you a standing ovation from my living room.

    I just read your latest (“BURN THE TRANSPHOBIC WITCH” 🤣) and could not not say anything anymore.

    THANK YOU. I really, really mean it. Thank you.


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