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I’m Jane. I’m a feminist philosopher, feminist writer and feminist activist. You may notice a theme.

I grew up in a faded seaside town on the south coast of England where I went to the local state school. I then studied Social and Political Science at Cambridge, where I got a first class degree and was informed by a rather pompous man that my “intellectual trajectory” was “unfortunate.” (Nothing’s changed there then). I spent my twenties kicking about wondering what to do with myself, working as a private tutor, teaching English in investment banks in London (that was odd), and pretending I was good at schmoozing around the independent film scene when I blatantly was not. (Still I did get to work with Rockbitch and assistant directed a truly terrible film of a man delivering a cod-Becketian anti-globalisation monologue while standing on a fake iceberg). By 2004 I’d grown up enough to not care whether pompous men thought my intellectual trajectory unfortunate and went back to university, studying continental and feminist philosophy at Goldsmiths (MPhil) and the State University of New York (PhD). Since 2011 I have been involved in feminist activism while writing popular pieces at the intersection of feminism, politics and culture. In 2013 I ran into trans activism online while helping set up a feminist party that got firebombed into oblivion before it began. My curiosity was piqued. Then my brain exploded. And here I am, several years later, still trying to explain how shit got so bonkers.

Welcome to the rabbit hole.

As dear P would say, ‘hold onto your wig.’

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If you have a query or comment about my work, please use the form below. I don’t reply to all comments, because I’m basically an introvert who feels overwhelmed a lot of the time, but I do read them all, and they mean a great deal to me.


  1. I fucking love you on Twitter. I’m so grateful to you. If I had one ounce of your sass, articulacy and well informed-ness (and didn’t work in local government) perhaps I’d have the balls to speak out too. As it is, I’m ashamed to say I daren’t even follow you or any of the other amazing women on Twitter fighting this cause on all our behalves, but at least once a day I trawl through your tweets, find out what’s the latest in this bloody shitshow, and give you a standing ovation from my living room.

    I just read your latest (“BURN THE TRANSPHOBIC WITCH” 🤣) and could not not say anything anymore.

    THANK YOU. I really, really mean it. Thank you.


  2. Fellow inhabitant of Terf Island*, here, banned from replying on Twitter, but love your Tweets.

    Terf Island* “Come for the Child Protection, Stay for the Women’s Rights!”

  3. Thank you so much for elucidating that womanhood is not to be defined by men, and at the end of the day that is what the trans male to female discourse is attempting to do.

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