Presented Papers

On the Subject of the Voice: Reading Cavarero Reading Derrida,’ Paper presented at ‘Giving Life to Politics: The Work of Adriana Cavarero,’ University of Brighton, 19-21 June, 2017

‘Electric Man: On the Ecstasy of Prince Rogers Nelson’ – Paper given at ‘Purple Reign: An Interdisciplinary Conference on the Life and Legacy of Prince,’ University of Salford, Manchester, 24-26th May 2017 Powerpoint Notes

‘On the possibility of penetrable being’ – Paper given at ‘Purity’ conference, University of Sussex, 11-12th July 2013  PDF

‘The Im/possible conditions of unconditional hospitality: Irigaray and Derrida on the thresholds of ethics’ – Paper given for the Karen Burke Memorial Prize at ‘Thinking Life,’ Luce Irigaray Circle, University of Bergen, Norway, 5-7th June 2013 PDF

‘Against indemnification: Crisis, courage and opening to the ‘to come’ – Paper given at ‘Crisis and Consciousness,’ Annual meeting of the Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section, British Psychological Society, University of Oxford, 3-4th September, 2011 PDF

‘Xanthippe’s return: Ethical intuition, maternal thinking and the perception of change.’ Paper given at symposium on ‘Space, Time, and Mobility after Henri Bergson,’ School of Geography and Environment, University of Oxford, 27th May 2011 PDF

‘We the People: Tea Parties, Original Violence and the Paradox of Popular Sovereignty.’ Paper given at ‘Violence: Systemic, Symbolic and Foundational,’ Ninth Biennial Radical Philosophy Association Conference, University of Oregon, Eugene, 11-14th November 2010 PDF

Published Papers

‘Idealized and Industrialized Labor: Anatomy of a Feminist Controversy,’ Hypatia, 27(1), Winter 2012, p 99 117  Journal Access

Other Papers

‘On the ethics of surviving certain death: A response to Martin Hagglund’  PDF

‘Returning to the ‘with-world’: Jean Luc Nancy’s ‘fundamental co-ontology’ and the ethics of MitseinPDF

‘Either/both both/and and/or either/or?: Ibn al ‘Arabi’s cosmology and the critique of identity’ PDF

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