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The Annals of the Terf-Wars

The TRA-Trope Almanac




Male Power

Alice Roberts



Essays on Trans Activism, Queer Feminism and the Woke-Left

i) On Totalitarian Tendencies

Ontological Totalitarianism By Numbers

Twitter, Trans Rights Totalitarianism, and the Erasure of Sex

Disciplining Martina: Heretics and the Church of Trans Normativity

A Short(ish) Note on Academic Totalitarianism

You Are Killing Me: On Hate Speech and Feminist Silencing

Identity, Sovereignty and Narcissism 

Bad Faith Justice: Ethics of the Call Out

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ii) Critiques of Trans Activist Arguments

Gay Rights and Trans Rights – A Compare and Contrast

A Note on ‘Smashing the Binary’

The Radical Notion That Women Are People

Why Feminists Are Not Nazis

Language Isn’t Magic



iii) Responses to Specific Trans Activists

For Trans Liberation

A Dialogue Between a Trans Woman and a Feminist Who Isn’t Just a Figment of the Trans Woman’s Mind

On ‘Transcendent Truths’ and Oh-Such Intellectual Sophistication

On the Being of Female People

On a Specious Reply

Painting by John William Waterhouse


iv) On Queer Feminisms and Tumblr Intersectionality

Post-Structuralism, Butler and Bodies

Judith Butler: How to Disappear Patriarchy in Three Easy Steps

Queer Theory, Foucauldian Feminism, and the Erasure of Rape

Trans Activism and Intersectional Feminism

On Feminist Genealogy



v) Responses to Specific Queer/Intersectional Feminists

‘Unreasonable Ideas’ – A Reply to Alison Phipps

Sally Hines on Woman’s Hour

Sophie Lewis in the New York Times

On the Sovereign Violence of Women – Inspired by Sara Ahmed



vi) Misogyny and Trans Activism

Women and Philosophy


flawed feminism


vii) Responses to Specific Political Interventions

Whose Removing Whose Rights Anyway?

Bad Judgement – Response to Maya Forstater’s Judgement 

Lorelei on Common’s Briefing Paper