‘A Year Without Prince’ Podcast

It’s been rather quiet about these parts over the last year. There was finishing my PhD, and then there was lying down and recovering from finishing my PhD, and while I was lying down, there was a good deal of watching, and listening to, and reading, and thinking about Prince.

One of the results of this will be a paper I’m giving at the ‘Purple Reign’ conference in Salford at the end of May, and another a series of podcasts I recorded with Zach Hoskins, who has undertaken the heroic mission of writing – comprehensively and perceptively – about everything Prince recorded in chronological order. (I get tired just thinking about that).

In this first episode we discuss why we think Prince mattered, both in a general sense and to us personally. In later episodes we will review recent books – which is where I get my feminist rant on about men writing about Prince and sexuality without even bothering to notice that women might have one or two pertinent things to say about that – and we will also consider what insights into his life and death we have gleaned from a year spent, as Zach would say, ‘paddling around in Prince’s psychic Lake Minnetonka.’

The first episode is available now here.

stage guitar face 3b

More regular feminist programming will be resumed in the not too distant future. In the meantime, enjoy hanging out with Prince. I do 🙂


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