The Institute of Feminist Thought

Over the last few months I’ve received quite a few emails from people expressing their frustration about the lack of feminism they are receiving in their university studies, or asking me if I would be able to offer any teaching… and it got me thinking…

So, to mark International Women’s Day I’m announcing the first phase of The Institute of Feminist Thought, an online feminist school offering courses in feminist history and philosophy, which I hope will grow into a forum for all kinds of feminist thinking…

I hope as many of you as possible will join me on the journey.

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  1. This is bloody brilliant. What an inspired idea. I immediately thought, oh great, I could do a course! Now I’m sending this to all the young women in my family and friends etc 💖 Bx

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  2. I’m really sorry this has happened.

    What is there to say except something at Twitter stinks. Why do they want to silence every interesting, intelligent female voice on their platform, who is pulling the strings & why.

    Soon the only GC voice left will be @glinner (apologies I will have spelt that wrong) He only survives because he’s Male & famous enough that he could go to the Major newspapers.

    Sending hugs & frustration that there seems nothing anyone can do about this misogyny.

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