Radical Notion Chat

Glinner very kindly asked me onto this week’s edition of ‘The Mess We’re In’ to have a chat with him, Helen and Arty, about the new magazine.

You can find the link to the whole episode, and see what Graham is up to, over at his Substack.

For more information on The Radical Notion, and to subscribe to the magazine, please visit:


  1. Hiya, great, bold initiative. I will subscribe for sure. Here’s a thought re your description of the journal – ‘communitarian’: you might want to re-think it. Communitarian theory was mobilised by New Labour and during the 1980-90s for a conservative, patriarchal notion of community cohesion: I – and other feminists – had huge rows with blokes who were mobilising the term for a nostalgic notion of tradition, a holy trinity: family, community, nation – all of which depended on the patriarchal household. The major exponent was Amitai Etzioni – much criticised by feminists, including myself. Elizabeth Frazer and Nicola Lacey wrote a great book, ‘The Politics of Community: A Feminist Critique of the liberal-communitarian debate’. I made the mistake of using the term in my book on riots, Goliath, in around 1994, and a helpful text-reader for the publisher pointed it out – so i got rid of it instantly! Meanwhile, courage mon brave!



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